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Vladimír Dlouhý, Czech economist, politician and university teacher, adviser to large international companies

I grew up in Prague. During my childhood I developed  good competence in foreign languages and  solid knowledge of mathematics. After completing my university studies I worked  in the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences;  later on, I became deputy director of the Prognostic Institute, which trained future officials of post-revolution governments. In December 1989, I was appointed to the first post-revolution Government and, until the summer of 1997, I held several government positions. Since 1997, I have been working as an adviser to large international companies; I teach at the Charles University in Prague and, since 2014, I have been President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce. I am a member of international think-tanks and of the National Economic Council of the Government of the Czech Republic. In the past, I also served as an adviser to Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. More…



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Politician and Minister in the 1990s

I was appointed to the first non-communist Government of Marián Čalfa as one of its Deputy Prime Ministers in December 1989 and, at the same time, I became Chairman of the State Planning Commission. Until the first free elections held in June 1990, I had been preparing the transformation of this “outdated” state institution into the Ministry of Economy as is usual in democratic and market economies. From June 1990 until the summer of 1992, I served as the Czechoslovak Minister of Economy and after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia I held the position of the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade for five years. It was a beautiful time full of hard work, amazing changes, successes and mistakes. Many people, though certainly not all, praise me for this work today. Nonetheless, I am very grateful for the opportunity to do this work. More…

Adviser to large international companies

I left the Government in June 1997, soon after I was contacted by two international companies. These were ABB, which controls a lot of important companies in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe, and investment bank Goldman Sachs, which was just beginning its activities in Central Europe. In the first case, I became an adviser to the management of ABB in the Czech Republic, in the second case, I became a member of the group of international advisers and my task was to create business contacts in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2010, my cooperation with ABB ended, while I still work for Goldman Sachs. Over the years, I worked for a number of other large companies as well. More…

University teacher

At the end of my studies at the University of Economics I was offered to become a teacher in the Department of Econometrics (mathematical methods in economics). I began to like teaching and I still do like it ; actually, I have been teaching my whole life, except for almost eight years serving as minister. I started at the University of Economics in Prague; shortly before revolution, I  led seminars at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University and, at the turn of millennium, I was offered to run a course at the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University and I still teach the course now. I have also held a number of other academic positions, including that at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. More…

Economist and President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce

Economics (and a little bit of statistics and probability) turned out to be my professional destiny. In the 1980s, I worked in the Academy of Sciences, defended my dissertation thesis (similar to today’s Ph.D.), and created mathematical models of the then socialist economy. I was also invited to conferences and congresses in Western Europe and the U.S. where I delivered my lectures. In the Prognostic Institute I was involved in the discussions about transformation of an inefficient socialist economy at that time. After leaving politics, I continued to publish and participate in economic life. Between 2009 and 2013, I was a member of the National Economic Council of the government and I have been recently reappointed to it. More…

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